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There is nothing more rewarding than going through the process of designing your business branding! Don’t get me wrong it is legitimately difficult.  Like bang your head against a table difficult.  How do you go about describing a FEELING you want to portray visually?? How do you set yourself apart from all of the hundreds of photographers (more like thousands, eek!)? The task is daunting for sure.  But OMG it is so much easier when you have an incredibly talented designer and artist like Jacki of Foil and Ink by your side!!

She took all the jibber jabber inside my head and created a gloriously perfect representation of everything I want my brand to look like!

We started with a Pinterest board, where I attempted to focus my energy on the overall vibe and color palette I was going for.  I wanted something organic and desert inspired while maintaining a high end feel.  There was a lot of desert texture and color. I’ve inserted a little snippet from the board as well as our final color palette below.  To say the least it was a BIG change from the bright and poppy colors of my old branding.

Once we’d finalized the feel/vibe and color palette we moved onto fonts.  HOLY goodness! There are A LOT of fonts out there you guys! It was enough to make my head spin.  Also how do you combine the bohemian, desert, high-end vibe I was going for??? Well I don’t know how she did it but Jacki totally nailed it! She combined two different fonts to create the primary logo you see below.  I fell in love with the font for the “A”, it totally reminded me of the beautiful desert mountains that surround our city! Genius!

One of my favorite pages of the whole website is the Details page! I wanted to give potential clients a breakdown of what they can expect from working with me but wanted to display it differently not with bullet points or a gallery.  I enlisted Jacki with this project and she delivered in a major way! The graphics she designed not only fit my branding but give the page the extra touch it needed, swoon!

There are no words to describe how happy I am with everything! All the hard work paid off, now for some relaxing!

Have a beautiful day friends!





New Branding and WEBSITE, YAY!

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